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Reforming Prisons Reforming The Prison System Essay

Reforming our Prison System With the population of the United States prisons growing every day we need to evaluate if they are doing any good. Personally, I believe that we need to keep our prison system, but we need to take steps in reforming them rather than abolish them altogether. The United States has the highest number of incarcerated people than any other country in the world. We must sit down and look at other countries and see what they are doing different than the United States. In this paper, we will first look at what the prison system in America is like and what we can do to improve upon our prison system. Then, we will also look at the Finland prison systems and see if we can learn anything from them, since they have one of the lowest incarceration and crime rate in the world. We will then look at reforming our prison system or abolishing it. Finally, we will investigate other punishment alternatives other than the prison system that we could use. Prison Systems in the United States Prison population. Prisons in the United States have changed throughout the years and became the standard for punishment. Here in America we jail on more offenses for longer periods of time than in any other country (Deady, 2014). Our prison population has increased to over 500% in the last forty years (The Sentencing Project, 2014). A lot of this is due to the crack down on crime and the war on drugs. With the influx of inmates in our prison system we must look at what our prisonShow MoreRelatedReforming The United States Prison System940 Words   |  4 PagesWestphald 1/19/2016 Reforming the United States Prison System The United States is the largest jailer in the world. With only 5 percent of the world s population and a disproportionate 20 percent of the worlds prison population the United States also has the highest incarceration rate in the world (Chamman). In fact one in every one hundred and ten adults in the United States will be incarcerated. Many of these adults will return to prison later in their life (ACLU). The Prison Crisis has becomeRead MoreWhat is Wrong with Out Penal System817 Words   |  3 Pagesfuture atrocities glorious and otherwise.† In the position that prison reform is not justified and shouldn’t be ruled in favor of, that I feel compelled to negate today’s resolution. Resolved: Prison reform is not justified. For clarification of today’s round, I offer the following counter definitions. To begin with, the word prison reform is defined as the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons, aiming at a more effective penal system. In addition to that, the term not justified is defined as somethingRead MoreThe Effects Of Drug Use On Children1184 Words   |  5 Pagesbaby was born Stacey was unable to provide for her child. She continues to use drugs, and she began selling them as well. Stacey eventually got arrested, and she went to prison, once she was let out she went back to the same life style. After several arrest and trouble with the law she was convicted and again sent away to prison, where she later died. What is clear is that Staceys’ addiction to drugs led to her conviction. This is not an uncommon situation; it happens all too often. The nationalRead MoreRehabilitation Is The Best Punishment For Juvenile Crime900 Words   |  4 Pagesthe offender, the innocent, and accountability for their actions. The major three values for the philosophical justification for punishing juvenile crime is†¦retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation also known as correction in the juvenile court system. There is no doubt that if a crime is committed, the offender should and shall be punished. The doubt come in when the offender(s) are under the age of eighteen which is the majority for most states. A juvenile crime is different case-by-case, thereforeRead MoreThe Punishment Of Prison System825 Words   |  4 Pages In principle, prison system plays important role in the society through reforming and punishing offenders sent to prison and preventing potential offenders. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of in prisoners in the US prisons system, because prison is used as the primary correction facility for offenders while ensuring justice to offended (Guerino 20). Prisons comprise of offenders who are above the county jail level. Further, inmates comprise of people from differentRead MorePrison Reform : Effective And Reliable Correctional System1352 Words   |  6 PagesPrison reforms are necessary to better the conditions for prisoners to enable the creation of an efficient and reliable correctional system. In reforming the prison system, it is essential for alternatives to incarceration to be explored (UNODC). There has been a sizeable escalation in the number of individuals serving prison sentences in American prisons. In fact, America has the world’s highest number of incarceration cases with over 2.2 million Americans in prison. The increased number of inmatesRead MoreHistory Of The Prison System1067 Words   |  5 PagesThe history of the prison system in the US is very extensive and encompas ses nine different eras which include the Penitentiary era, Mass Prison, Reformatory, Industrial, Punitive, Treatment, Community-based, Warehousing, and the Just-desert era. Each era had its own strength and weaknesses that influenced each subsequent era that came after. the idea of a prison system came about from the colonist desire for a more humane method of dealing with criminal offenders. It was a key move away from corporalRead MoreEssay On Texas Public Policy1673 Words   |  7 Pagespolicy specifically regarding the health care that Texas has imposed upon their prison inmates. The goal of this research paper is to conclude whether Texas public policy is effective or not. It will achieve this goal by concluding through a case study that the health care the government has implemented in Texas prisons for inmates is not effective because the level of difficulty that comes with reforming the systems is colossal. This section will discuss definitions of important concepts that pertainRead MoreThe Death Of A Brooklyn Shelter For Domestic Violence1504 Words   |  7 Pagestwo weeks in prison which effectively destroyed the new life she was trying to create. Only after her lawyers moved the case to a more sympathetic judge, was she released. The fight was not over just yet. Her case was still not resolved, her spot at the shelter was gone, and she no longer had custody of her child. All for a bag of diapers. Thousands of cases just like Adriana’s are in the works every day in the United States. There are serious problems facing the American prison system that have pronouncedRead Morepunishment for petty crimes1650 Words   |  7 Pages Type of essay: Text based Text used: â€Å"Her Majesty’s Prison† by Christian Pratt Stripped, probed, re-dressed and endowed with the status of convict.† Is this what you would want to endure for a simple traffic violation of no seat belt, running a red light or dark tinted windows? Or would you prefer a traffic school session or two, picking up garbage on a Saturday morning or paying a fine? I would gladly prefer the latter. The prison has a â€Å"revolving door† as if welcoming persons to come again

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Go Ahead and Wallow in These Depressing Love Quotes

Love can make you soar with happiness. Or love can leave you sore with sorrow. Sometimes love can leave you heartbroken. You might be so much in pain from  unrequited love that you never want to love again. Such depression can take a toll on your health. The antidote to heartbreak  just might be depressing love quotes  -- misery loves company might be a cliche, but its also true. So go ahead and wallow in it for just a bit, knowing that what you are feeling is part of lifes journey and an experience shared by many through the ages. W. Somerset MaughamThe love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned. Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species. BoethiusA man content to go to heaven alone will never go to heaven. For in all adversity of  fortune  the worst sort of misery is to have been happy. Francois de La RochefoucauldAbsence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires. Julie AndrewsAll love shifts and changes. I dont know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time. Judy GarlandFor it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. OvidFortune and love favor the brave. Mother TeresaThe hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. Mignon McLaughlinHate leaves ugly scars, love leaves beautiful ones. Albert EllisThe art of love ... is largely the art of persistence. Thomas FullerThe greatest hate springs from the greatest love. Edmund SpenserAnd painful pleasure turns to pleasing pain. Thomas MooreTo love you was pleasant enough. And, oh! Tis delicious to hate you! George Bernard ShawLove is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else. Federico Garcia Lorca, Blood Wedding and Yerma â€Å"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.†Ã‚   Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn â€Å"I know thats what people say -- youll get over it. Id say it, too. But I know its not true. Oh, youll be happy again, never fear. But you wont forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the man reminds you of him.†Ã‚   Dylan Thomas â€Å"Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.†Ã‚   George R.R. Martin â€Å"When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.†Ã‚   Lana Del Ray â€Å"No one compares to you, but theres no you, except in my dreams tonight.†

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RMG Industry of Bangladesh Free Essays

string(113) " Bangladesh ARM industry as a ‘Monster Industry that now threatens to â€Å"devour† the government\." Currently, there are approximately 5000 manufacturing units with a 4. Million work force (Wisped 2012). Bangladesh does not have any natural advantage to flourish in ARM sector except cheap labor (Islam 2012). We will write a custom essay sample on RMG Industry of Bangladesh or any similar topic only for you Order Now Undoubtedly, the dedicated work force with relatively low wages is the key driving force in this sector. It gives Bangladesh a competitive edge over the rivals. But unfortunately, employee satisfaction in the ARM sector seems to be fading. Since May 2006, the ARM sector has been beset with very serious labor unrest. The major disputes concern wages, working hours, appointment procedures, forced labor, child labor, health and safety, security, gender discrimination, sexual reassessment and trade unionism. Non-compliance of workplace health, safety and security regulations are prevalent in the industry. Due to hazardous factory environments many workers become sick or injured, or even lose their lives through accidents, fires and stampedes. Both the BAGMEN and the Government are showing ‘Ostrich-Approach’ in this regard, perhaps on the plea of maintaining price competitiveness in the global market. However, recent tragic fire incident at Instructions Étagà ¨re Garments factory has given a wakeup call for both the BAGMEN and the Government. The cancellation of equines ties by the world famous retailer Wall-Mart is seen by many as a disturbing and threatening symptom for ARM sector. At this backdrop, question arises behind the apparent success story of the ARM industry, â€Å"Does the ARM industry in Bangladesh perform its ethical responsibility towards employees? Can we term this industry a successful one? † A clear answer is essential for the continuous growth and sustainability of ARM sector in Bangladesh. This report shall present the answer to the aforementioned questions with considerable details. 1. 2 Objectives The broad objective of this report is to present the performance of the ARM industry f Bangladesh. To do so, we will first evaluate the industry from the traditional concept of business: profit-minimization and growth. Secondly, we will gauge the industry performance from ethical dimension focusing mainly on the workers socio- economic condition. 1. Scope This report will be based on the ARM industry of Bangladesh only. No comparative data will be available about other countries. Also this report will not include the employee rights of other industries in Bangladesh. 1. 4 Limitations Limited timeshare which has affected the survey and interview process Inadequate primary data Confidentiality of information 1. 5 Methodology To achieve an effective result both qualitative and quantitative research has been conducted. Qualitative research, mainly exploratory in nature, was carried out to study the entrepreneurs’ ethical responsibility in ARM sector. Some in-depth interviews have been conducted for better understanding of the working conditions at various factories. An extensive literature review has also been carried out to collect relevant information on the subject issue. In addition, a survey was conducted on a sample size of 25 respondents using random sampling technique. This has helped in ascertaining the compliance of employee right as per law. Data analysis and presentation has been conducted as per frequency analysis method. Primary Data: Primary data for this research work includes the following- Case study of randomly selected garments workers Survey of the workers with a set of questionnaire Structured interview with legal and human right experts Unstructured interview with few top level managers of garments industry including BAGMEN officials Secondary Data: Review of related articles, books and research works on ARM sector of Bangladesh Online Journals and company websites Available official data from BAGMEN . Literature Review There is no universally accepted definition of ethics. It varies from culture to culture, society to society and of course, from industry to industry. The principles, values, and beliefs that define right and wrong decisions and behavior can be termed as ethics (Robbins 2010. P. 101). Moreover, ethical values relate to what is right and wrong, and thus take precedence over non-ethical values when making ethical decisions (Powers 2012). A simpler yet comprehensive definition of ethical conduct is given by Bertrand Russell. He says, â€Å"An ethical person ought to do more than he is required to do and sees than he is allowed to do. The common perception about Bangladesh garments industry portrays one apparent success story. M. Surreal Islam in his write-up titled Wakeup Call for Government and ARM Sector Leaders’ praises the ARM sector entrepreneurs. He considers that they have done a lot to be proud. They have given Bangladesh economy its biggest boost. With it over 5000 factories the industry employs nearly 5 million workers, an d has been a basic factor of women empowerment in the country. However, the writer also expressed his concern over the low wage of the workers in the industry in the name of price-competitiveness. He mentions that the ARM workers receive IIS$ 45 monthly payment today at their entry level. The writer compares such low wages and the associated working conditions as a case of slave labor (Islam 2012. P-11). Md. Joanna Abiding in his research paper titled ‘Overall Problems and Prospects of Bangladesh ARM Industry expressed his concern over the labor disturbances in ARM sector of Bangladesh. He mentions that garment workers remain one of the hardest working segments of the labor force in Bangladesh. Their working conditions and benefits must improve as the industry matures. Abiding recommends that investing in worker-training and in improved irking conditions will certainly enhance productivity and growth. The writer urges that the factory owners must be proactive instead of being reactive regarding this important issue (Abiding 2008). Following the recent Unchristian Étagà ¨re Garments Tragedy, The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page writer Joseph Sternberg expressed his deep concern over the lack of ethical responsibility in the ARM industry of Bangladesh. In his article, appropriately titled â€Å"Why Dacha Keeps Burning† the writer has flagged what is wrong in the industry. He mentions that ARM industry in Bangladesh is inefficiently and insufficiently developing. The writer criticizes special labor rules, including a ban on unionization, and regulated pay rates that depress wages in the name of competitiveness. Finally, he brands Bangladesh ARM industry as a ‘Monster Industry that now threatens to â€Å"devour† the government. You read "RMG Industry of Bangladesh" in category "Papers" 3. Business Performance from Traditional View 3. 1 The Growth of ARM Industry ARM industry is the biggest homegrown commercial success story till date in Bangladesh. The industry has significant contribution in employment generation, poverty alleviation and women empowerment. As a garment producer for the global market, at present Bangladesh ranks second, behind China only. More than four million workers, mostly women, are employed in approximately 5,000 garment factories. This sector has acted as an engine behind the country economic growth. Undoubtedly, the industry has made a significant socio-economic impact in contemporary Bangladesh. 3. 2 Profit Minimization: The Traditional Purpose of Business At present ARM industry earns around IIS$19 billion per year which accounts for approximately 80% of country total exports and around 17% of total economic output (Sternberg 2012). The percentage of ARM export to the total export of Bangladesh in last ten years is shown on the chart below: Figure-I: Percentage of ARM Export to the Total Export Source: Statistics Department, Bangladesh Bank. 3. 3 Potentials for Rapid Growth of Bangladesh ARM Industry McKinney Company; a reputed global management consulting firm predicts that Bangladesh ARM exports will grow double by 201 5, and nearly triple by 2020 (McKinney 2011. P-22). Bangladesh is widely expected to become the top producer replacing China by virtue of its price competitiveness and capacity. The industry is expected to expand up to IIS$ 50 billion by next ten years. McKinney initiated a case study to know about the sourcing preference of the European and US apparel companies, accounting for IIS$ 46 billion in total sourcing value. They conducted an extensive interview based survey where the respondents were the Chief Purchasing Officers (COP) of the leading apparel players in Europe and US. Due to the rising labor cost in China, most of the buyers now consider Bangladesh as their alternative source. While China was once considered â€Å"the place to be† for sourcing, the light is starting to shine ever brighter on Bangladesh. For most Cops, Bangladesh will be the No-I sourcing hot spot over the next 5 years. (McKinney 2011. P-4). The result of the survey is shown below: Figure-2: Sourcing Preference of European and US Apparel Companies Source: McKinney COP Survey, September-November 2011 So, from the traditional understanding of business, the ARM industry of Bangladesh can surely be called as a successful one. 4. Performance of ARM Industry from Ethical Dimension 4. 1 Compliance of Safety and Health Regulations The recent Unchristian Étagà ¨re Garments fire accident at Savor claimed 112 lives. They were burnt alive inside the factory while they were working to earn their bread and butter. The most serious part of the tragedy was that the workers were locked inside a steel gate at each floor even after the fire went out of control. The fire service trucks and the equipment could not reach timely as the access road was built on agricultural land. These are serious flaws in compliance that BAGMEN officials tried to explain off later. Almost similar compliance failure is found in many of the factories till now. Compliances required factories to have two staircases to be built in each floor, and also to have a fulfillment doctor for the medical service to the workers. But most of the factories are yet to achieve that (Islam 2012). 4. 2 Maternity Leave: A Basic Woman Right Majority of the ARM workers in Bangladesh are women. They are often fondly called ‘Pashas Joana’; the daughters of garments. Everyone in the industry recognizes that ARM industry survives, and grows with their sweat. We wanted to know the industry performance about one of the basic need in every woman’s life: Maternity Leave. Finding of our survey is shown below: Figure-3: Compliance of Maternity Leave in ARM Industry Source: Survey Conducted for the Research. 4. 3 The Issue of ‘Minimum Wage’ It is, if not, the most controversial, at least, the most discussed issue regarding employee right in the ARM sector of Bangladesh. Tripartite body with representatives from Government, BAGMEN and Workers’ Association agreed with the minimum wage of TX 3500. Most of the factories were also found compliant with this wage policy. We initiated a case study to have a feel’ of this minimum wage. One three member family; a couple with a 2 years baby was selected where both the spouses were ARM workers. Their monthly income was TX 9400. We made a balance sheet of their monthly earning and expenditure. Table-I : Balance Sheet of ARM Workers’ Earning and Expenditure-A Case Study Earning Expenditure Husband 5200 House Rent 3500 Wife 4200 Baby Food 1 500 Medicare and others 1 oho Total earning Total expenditure 11000 *They often compromise with the bare minimum food they expect to eat to live It reminds the Bertrand Russet’s saying, ‘An ethical person ought to do more than he is required to do. Surely, the entrepreneurs in ARM industry can do more than what they are doing for the ARM workers. And, mere compliance with the minimum wage policy is not ethical. 4. 4 Enforced Labor Mr. Safaris Islam, the president of BAGMEN said in an interview on AY Jazzier television that there is no enforced overtime in Bangladesh ARM industry. However, our finding contradicts wh at the top man of BAGMEN claimed on international media. Enforced overtime is a common practice in many of the garments manufacturing units. The factory owners tried to Justify that they are sometime compelled to do so to meet the buyers’ timeline as supply of raw material often gets delayed due to poor infrastructure in Bangladesh. The state of enforced labor in ARM industry of Bangladesh is shown in the next page: Figure-4: Forced Labor in ARM Industry 5. Conclusions Many have labeled the recent unrest in the ARM industry as a conspiracy to destroy the potentials that Bangladesh enjoys. However, we feel that there is no a conspiracy theories, but disturbances in the ARM sector. These disturbances are the legitimate outpouring of the frustrations of those whose sweat makes a IIS$ 20 billion earning for our nation. From the classical business concept of making money, we can surely term the ARM industry a successful one. But, when we look at it from the ethical dimension, the performance appears to be ‘dark which is evident from the poor socio-economic condition of the ARM workers. They are living a life where even the basic physiological needs are not met. If a US$ 20 billion industry fails to uplift the workers lives above the level of ‘slavery, as many term it, that cannot be called successful. How to cite RMG Industry of Bangladesh, Papers

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Marketers Play A Very Crucial Role In Directing †Free Samples

Question: Discuss About The Marketers Play A Very Crucial Role In Directing? Answer: Introducation Marketers play a very crucial role in directing their target markets towards sustainable consumption. They educate their customers about the products and their utilities. They have to play a crucial role in educating their customers about the importance of sustainability and sustainable consumption. However it is often argued that the business organizations do not play enough roles to encourage sustainable consumption among customers. There are several opinions which can be stated in support of the statement. First, the marketing companies sell inorganic products to this huge customer base at cheap price to earn huge revenue. These multinational companies have their stable customer bases who buy these inorganic products. For example, most of the automobile companies even today manufacture car models which use petroleum and cause a lot of pollution. The FMCG companies do not have many organic and sustainable products in the product lines because organic products are sustainable but costly (Du, Yalcinkaya and Bstieler 2016). Such products are not likely to attract a huge customer base in the emerging markets which is liable to reduce the profit earnings of the companies. These multinational companies like the automobile and the FMCG companies market and sell the inorganic products at low prices to a huge customer base and earn huge profits. Thus, the marketers instead of directing their customers towards sustainability, direct their target customers towards use of inorganic products (Savola inen et al. 2013). Second, the marketers encourage consumption of sustainable goods by their own business conduction. The multinational companies are expected to set examples of sustainable consumption by using raw materials obtained from sustainable supply chains. However, instead of obtaining raw materials from sustainable sources, they often buy low graded synthetic raw materials to save costs of raw materials (Brandenburg et al. 2014). This results in manufacturing of low graded material which fail to meet customer expectations. Often these inorganic and synthetic chemicals harm the consumers health. The companies keep on selling these products or sometimes withdraw them temporarily to avoid controversies and then reintroduce these products again. Thus, the marketers and companies today discourage sustainability by acquiring raw materials from non sustainable sources (Seuring 2013). Third, all the companies have sustainability as a part of their core business policies but very few companies actually towards achieving it. The business organizations, especially the multinational companies are present in several countries and use the resources of their host countries to produce goods. Many multinational companies have powerful subsidiaries in the emerging market economies like India and Brazil. These companies are often accused of over exploiting and depleting natural resources of their host countries. For example, the international beverage companies are often held responsible for depleting water resources in their host countries. This often draws protest from various NGOs and communities. They also attract legal actions from the governments (Brown 2017). All these unethical activities by the companies often contradict the corporate social responsibilities. These controversies often create such a strong negative image in the society that they are not in the positi on to promote sustainable consumptions of goods. Thus unsustainable business operations by the companies like depleting of natural resources weakens their corporate image and prevents them to encouraging sustainability (Venables 2016). Fourth, sustainable operations require adoption of new modes of operations to manage and reduce wastes and loss of materials due to lack of warehousing facilities. This requires the companies to invest huge amount of capital to install new advanced sustainable technology and training of the staffs to use the sustainable technology. The companies are required to set up sustainable waste recycle management plants and windmills which require huge initial investments. The multinational companies often instead of recycling wastes dump them into water bodies (Ferrari, Miyamoto and Ferrari 2014). This irresponsible and unethical actions of them result in degradation of environments and depletion of water bodies, thus devastating plant and animal lives. It can be noted that the industrial sector is responsible for dumping trillions of wastes into the water bodies each year followed by the household sector which is composed of the consumers of the companies. This analysis shows that the uneth ical dumping of wastes by the multinational marketers and producers actually encourage their consumers by follow their suits. Thus, the business organizations do not take up initiatives strong enough to promote sustainable consumption. It can be argued that they instead to promoting sustainable consumption, advertise unsustainable consumption and dumping of products by these actions of theirs (Park, Lee and Jun 2015). It can be concluded that though the companies are expected to encourage sustainable consumption of products among consumers, they do very little in that direction. The companies first of all sell inorganic cheap products and encourage consumers to use them to huge revenue. Secondly they often used low quality inorganic raw materials and promote the usage of unsustainable products among customers. Third, they themselves engage in depleting natural resources and are not in position to promote sustainability. Fourth, sustainable operations initially require heavy investments in plant and machinery and companies usually avoid them to reduce costs. The companies however promote sustainability through their CSRs which is too weak to counteract the impact of these unsustainable operations by companies and promote sustainable consumption among customers. Thus, the companies take insufficient initiatives to market sustainable consumption among consumers. References: Brandenburg, M., Govindan, K., Sarkis, J., and Seuring, S. 2014. Quantitative models for sustainable supply chain management: Developments and directions.European Journal of Operational Research,233(2), 299-312. Brown, P. 2017. Coca-Cola plant must stop draining water. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 11 Aug. 2017]. Du, S., Yalcinkaya, G. and Bstieler, L., 2016. Sustainability, social media driven open innovation, and new product development performance.Journal of Product Innovation Management,33(S1), pp.55-71. Ferrari, G., Miyamoto, M. and Ferrari, A., 2014. New sustainable technology for recycling returned concrete.Construction and Building Materials,67, pp.353-359. Park, S., Lee, S.J. and Jun, S., 2015. A network analysis model for selecting sustainable technology.Sustainability,7(10), pp.13126-13141. Savolainen, J., Niu, N., Mikkonen, T. and Fogdal, T., 2013. Long-term product line sustainability with planned staged investments.IEEE software,30(6), pp.63-69. Seuring, S. 2013. A review of modeling approaches for sustainable supply chain management.Decision support systems,54(4), 1513-1520. Venables, A.J., 2016. Using natural resources for development: why has it proven so difficult?.The Journal of Economic Perspectives,30(1), pp.161-183.

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Topics of Discussion in Educational Studies Essay Example For Students

Topics of Discussion in Educational Studies Essay James LampeTopics of Discussion in Educational StudiesI read the article Another Look at what young Children Should Be learning because the title interested me, how do we decide what to teach and when? Who controls the standards for a school? Is it up to the teacher or is it something that the teachers were told to teach? In many cases I understand that it is a mixture of both the teachers influence and what the teacher is required to do. This makes me think back to my own experiences in school, being taught different thing and now I think, why was I taught that? This article came up with some very interesting points about education. We will write a custom essay on Topics of Discussion in Educational Studies specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Some of these things that I read in the article I can directly relate to my own experience. In my high school and junior high we always had learning goals. They would come up with acronyms to help us remember them and make us do project involving them. In high school they were called the ESLERS, what it stood for escapes me now. I guess the school thought it was a good idea to make sure that every classroom had these learning goals posted on the wall. I thought that was always a little silly, but I cant think of a better way of using them. It never really helped me personally but I could see how it could help others. Learning though interaction at a young age was also mentioned in the article, I have memories of this in use as well. In my elementary school we would always have these weird things that would be secretly teaching us something. Like our first grade teacher introduced us to algebra in a way. He drew this machine on the board, and then he said that he is putting a number in one side. Then he showed us what came out the other side, and we had to figure out what the machine did. He let us put in different numbers, and it was fun. If I become a teacher I hope that I could be that creative when it comes to teaching. In the article they talk about how some methods of teaching could be good in the short run test scores, but not in the long run education of the student. They say that the amount of drills and practice in reading is a good way to teach reading, but could undermine the students disposition toward reading. This is an interesting paradox. The best way of teaching a child a skill could make him not want to use the skill. This should make us reconsider some teaching methods. Also talked about in the article the way that younger children respond to a wider variety of teaching methods. You cannot use a single teaching method to a very diverse group of students without leaving some behind. I remember some of this in my early school experience, but not a lot. They would rather have you conform to a neat little group rather than be an individual. I also remember times in elementary school where I felt left behind in the teaching, but didnt want to say anything. If I become a teacher I would want to address things like this, we cant have it happening. How do you stop it though, no matter what you cannot make a perfect teaching system for every child? That is why there is so much controversy in education, what methods work best and whose test scores are higher. What is comes down to though is each teacher should do their personal best to educate and help their students.

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Stagefright essays

Stagefright essays For nearly every performer, stage fright is a very common state of mind. A sudden anxiety for either hurrying the performance, or not performing at all are rather mild symptoms of the dreaded stage fright. Many people in the theatrical field have to deal with stage fright at some part of their careers, though only a handful know how to Stage fright is mainly the fear of Acting, singing, or any other performance infront of an audience. All people are creative performers. The degree to which they are able to realize their creative potential is primarily dependent on the nature of their own "internal audience". Many psychologists state that stage fright is just a state of mind, even though There are many different types of symptoms for stage fright. The most common symptom of stage fright is the nervous sweat. The performers adrenaline rushes and his/her heart begins to beat faster as the performance time nears. The performers body begins to sweat suddenly because of these sudden changes to try to keep calm. The palms, underarms, feet, forehead, and back are most effected areas of the nervous sweat. After the nervous sweat, is Nausea and uncontrollable shaking. The Nausea is caused from the over rush of adrenaline, and makes the stomach irritated. Slight spasms of regurgitation may occur from the Nausea, as well as oversalivation. Fainting and Blacking out is a symptom for those who have severe stage fright. Once again, the rush of adrenaline causes the performer to black out or faint. Overcoming stage fright is a very hard process for performers, since stage fright can come very harsh to some. Actors and musicians should first breathe deeply and run through the parts, since this is a good way to stay calm and keep the mind off of the upcoming performance. Smiling and thinking of the best possible outcome is another good way of keeping the mind off of the p ...

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Security Governance Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Security Governance Report - Assignment Example cticed by ISACA will be critically reviewed to identify its limitations as well as strengths, based on its status of implementation at the current scenario. Correspondingly, recommendations will be drawn for the betterment of the policy measures to the intended level. The client base of ISACA is widely distributed among professionals in the information governance sector, in addition with professionals in the controlling, auditing and security fields of various large corporate organizations. It is due to this vividness that securing an effective security system in its IT services has remained crucial in order to attract valuable customers and retain profitability in the long run. The current policy status of the company thus can be observed as substantially effective with due significance to a multidimensional approach and continuous improvements. The enterprise security critique thus reflects the strategic objective of the organization to serve its members around the world with adequate educational and professional development through updated certifications. Correspondingly, the strategies of ISACA have also been developing on a constant basis valuing the participation of a growing membership base of IT professionals. The policy status of the com pany also exhibits the major attention delivered by the company towards anticipating the future needs of the market and developing its strategies on a continuous basis. In accordance, the company currently applies a strategic framework called Strategy 2022 (S22). S22 is noted as an extension to the pre-existing strategy of the company titled Strategy 1, which was introduced in the year 2009 and reframed later in 2012. This particular policy framework is asserted to have a slow evolution process extending over a 10 years horizon, befitting its name S22 (ISACA, 2015). It was with the strategic implementation of S22 that ISACA also emphasized developing its Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT)